Our team consists of experienced entrepreneurs who are distinguished by revolutionary solutions and develop new opportunities.

The founders of the organization have more than twenty years of experience working with a proven track record in building million-€ businesses.

We are developing a crypto-business app that will allow anyone to profit from their smartphone, with just a few clicks, with cents in the worldwide cryptocurrency and blockchain boom.

With our app CRYPTOFOX, we want to help distribute wealth more equitable in the world. With our ICO and our new future app, users all over the world, we want to be able to take their own destiny to improve their lives with small amounts of money they use intelligently.

We believe that blockchain technology is capable and one of the greatest forces in spreading the world's wealth more equitably.



SAVE MONEY With our app everyone will be able to profit from the crypto boom with small amounts and artificial intelligence.

Shopping An intelligent search engine with price comparison and artificial intelligence support will always find the right product for you.

Trading artificial intelligence-supported trading at various crypto exchanges. Your personal asset manager will support you in achieving your investment goals.

OTC Geolocalization displays Over The Counter Crypto Dealers, where you can anonymously buy crypto currencies, including the SICC.

Save Storage Secure storage of your crypto assets is a top priority and includes hardware wallets, fingerprint, iris detection and biometrics.

PERSONAL ASSISTANT CRYPTOFOX's Personal Assistant protects your personal information through the blockchain and represents your interests.

Investment Benefit from artificial intelligence-supported investment in artificial developments, interesting ICOs, lucrative tokens, profitable mining and start-ups.

MULTI ASSET WALLET More than 250 crypto currencies such as BTC, ETH, ENJ, LTC, SICC in one wallet plus all ERC-20 tokens. Fast, simple and secure.

Exchange Automated, artificial intelligence -supported trading on selected crypto exchanges. Your investment goals have the highest priority through intelligent financial management.

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